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Why Outcomes Assist

  • We are experienced financial advisors

  • We have assisted a great many businesses

  • We will achieve an Outcome for you

Assistance to Farmers

Assistance to Farmers

  • Australia’s major Banks and other financiers servicing the Rural and Regional Markets have never been so keen to resolve any issues their farming clients may have.
  • We have a long history of working with both farmers and financiers.
  • We will provide a comprehensive report to your financier that:
    • Summarises your current financial position
    • Forecasts future revenue and expenditures
    • Incorporates a horticultural assessment of the farm
    • Recommends an appropriate course of action
Eliminating Communication Barriers

Eliminating Communication Barriers

  • Many businesses have trouble in communicating their finance needs. This can result in cash flow problems, delays to starting new projects and other inefficiencies that hit your bottom line.
  • We have helped many businesses eliminate such barriers to achieving profitability. We know how to communicate with your Banker as we have had many years experience in helping SME businesses. We have also been engaged by Banks directly to assist businesses, so we know what information is required by your Banker.
Business Operational Review

Business Operational Review

  • We are experienced Business Advisors that have helped many businesses improve their financial performance.
  • We can:
    • Assist with accurate financial forecasting
    • Improve your working capital management
    • Introduce you to alternative financing options
    • Negotiate with the ATO on your behalf
    • Critically assess your business plan
Debt Compromise/Turnaround

Debt Compromise/Turnaround

What we do

  • Work quickly to negotiate “stand still” arrangements with your creditors
  • Work with management to formulate a realistic plan to resuscitate and lay solid foundations for the business going forward
  • Develop a proposal paper for debt compromise and/or other turnaround tools
  • Attend key stakeholder meetings with management
  • Offer connections to alternative smart capital sources
  • Take a passionate stake in our projects
  • Want you to succeed


To learn more on how Outcomes Assist can work for your business and, for a free, confidential, no obligation, in person, consultation with one of its executives, you are invited to:
Therese Karu
8622 3281